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Leota's Fight against type 1 diabetes PT

****** Update on our baby girl****

She no longer has a feeding tube nor an IV in. She has been drinking milk and has eaten a few bites. She is still having some problems with her throat and still has pain there. They did a swab on her throat like three days ago and we are still waiting on it to come back.

Her glucose levels are still higher then they would like for them to be. So they are changing her lovnex(sp) (long lasting insulin) in order to help bring it to normal. As of this morning she has no keytones in urine so that is a major plus. Which means her body is no longer trying to eat her fats.

She will continue to have shots every 12 hours for her blood clot in her leg. The Hematology team will be watching her between 6 weeks and three months till it is gone.

Yesterday they gave her some medicine to help clean out her belly. She has had a lot of pain in her belly over the last few days. So pooping it all out should help.

We will hopefully be going home today at some point. Where will be kind of an outpatient for a bit. They asked us if we where ready to go home and we where like yes. This is far from over. For the time being the doctors will be calling to see what is going on with her blood sugar levels. Since they are still higher then they would like. For Leota they should be 100-180. Instead they have been 280-374 being the highest over the last few days. We will be in close contact with out Endocrinology team, Diabetic teachers, Social Worker, Hematologist, and our Nurse Practitioner who is part of the Endocrinology team.

We have a very long way to go to get her healthy and where she needs to be. We are just so thankful and blessed that she is still alive. Please continue to give prayers, Thanksgiving, and checkins. Especially as we try to do this from home. It is a hole new ball game for us to try to take on. But, God gave us our baby back!!! He blessed us with our gorgeous and happy baby. We know we have a long way to go but, she will get through this. She will grow up healthy and happy. She will know she defied all odds and overcame. I truly believe that God knew that Brandon and I could take on this fight. That is exactly what we are going to do.

We are truly trying to be very positive about this all. But, it is still hard giving her shots and having to poke her all the time. I know that all of this will become our new “normal” and everything will be okay as long as we manage it.

Just keep praying because God knows I never want to be back in this type of DKA again. As anyone with Typle 1 diabetes will tell you, hospital stays will happen. When she gets sick, levels to high or to low, or just me because she needs IV fluids. All I can so is pray that it never gets to this extinct again.

We just want to say thank you to each and every one of you.

*** now we are seeing what home health our insurance will cover. They will be the one who is bringing her blood clot medication every day to us. Lord help us with all this new stress*****;


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