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Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana: New Research

Hi. I’m Leslie Kenton. A terrific new scientific paper has appeared about Simeons’ Cura Romana protocol. I’m excited to share with you the news it brings. The new paper was published in The International Journal of Medical Sciences. It confirms that Simeons’ Cura Romana is every bit as fast, safe and effective as he himself believed it to be after having spent forty years of research and clinical testing in Rome in his quest to identify the cause and cure for obesity. Independent scientists who carried out this new research project have not only validated Simeons’ work. During their research they discovered even more health-enhancing positive “side effects” that people experience on Cura Romana than Simeons himself could have known about back in 1954 when he introduced his discovery to the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet. A few of the health benefits that the new scientific research discovered, which often accompany the protocol, include lowered blood pressure, better hormonal balance, reversal of diabetes, reversal of gout, significant improvements in HDL/LDL cholesterol relations, and many others. These findings are exceptional. It is highly unlikely that any pharmaceutical company will ever follow suit and carry out similar, unbiased research. After all, their discovering the real power of Cura Romana would seriously undermine the billions in sales revenue they collect each year for their weightloss products. So long the powers that be can continue to dismiss Simeons‘ cause and cure for obesity, Big Pharma can go selling powerful drugs to would be slimmers which undermine health and carry serious side effects. Meanwhile, those fortunate enough to be following Cura Romana have already discovered for themselves how Simeons’ unique protocol delivers on its promises, making them slimmer, stronger, and healthier with each month that passes. These are the fundamental differences between Cura Romana and all the conventional weightloss diets which end in frustration. Not only does Simeons’ protocol enhance health in medically measurable ways: No other approach to weightloss addresses the root cause of obesity. Only Simeons’ protocol targets fat deposits which distort the body’s natural shape and form. It does not burn muscle tissue as other diets do. Abnormal hunger disappears on the program. So you no longer have to deal with a sense of deprivation or call on willpower. Cura Romana accomplishes these things by encouraging the body to improve metabolic processes, and by restoring balance and good functioning to the fat and appetite control center in the brain as well as to the autonomic nervous system, while improving hormonal balance and turning inessential fat deposits into energy for living life. Visit www.curaromana.com to learn more. It’s all there.

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