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Let's Play Skyrim (Healer) - Prologue

Hello and welcome to the introduction video!!

I’ll be playing this LP as DiD (dead is dead)* ! I have several mods installed including Frostfall and Realistic Needs – meaning my character will get cold, hungry, wet, and getting Rockjoint from a stupid wolf will impact my character’s abilities. I also have SkyRe installed which makes combat a lot harder and adjusts some of the skills – that is why you’ll see fingersmithing instead of lockpicking on the level-up menu.

I will eventually put my list of mods (if you are interested) in a google doc and provide a link, BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.

I get a new mic on Part 5 🙂 Please bear with me until then!

The music was by the amazingly talented: Adrian von Ziegler
(he’s got a youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/AdrianvonZiegler )

*if the death happens due to a non-combat scenario, I will probably waive it. You’ll see in the first part 😉

** MOD LIST **
– Convenient Horses
– Sounds of Skyrim (I have Civilization and Dungeons installed)
– Cloaks of Skyrim
– Winter is Coming Cloaks
– UFO – Ultimate Follower Overhaul
– Alternate Start – Live Another Life
– Death Alternative – Your Money or Your Life
– The Choice is Yours (lets you opt out of side quests)
– Trade and Barter
– Beards
– Brows
– Eyes of Beauty Player, NPC, and Special Elves
– Alternative Crafting System
– Dovahkin Relax (lets u chill)
– Follower Commentary Overhaul
– Frostall
– Guard Dialogue Overhaul
– Immersive Armors
– Immersive Weapons
– Super Lore-Friendly Hair
– Wet and Cold
– Wet and Cold Holidays
– Bandolier – Bags and Pouches
– Wearable Lanterns
– Realistic Room Rentals
– aMidian Born Book of Silence, Armors, Creatures, and Unique Items (3 different mods, same creator)
– Enhanced Night Skyrim 04 High Stars
– Younger Bretons (strictly for my LP, tbh)
– Inconsequential NPCS
– Reduced Distance NPC Greetings
– Lock Overhaul
– Project Reality – Climates of Tamriel
– Unoffical Skyrim Patch
– Unoffical Skyrim Redone Patch
– Armor Disguises (I don’t use it much with this character, but seems like a cool mod!)
– Realistic Lighting Overhaul
– SkyRe Skyrim Redone
– A Matter of Time
– Quality World Map
– Immersive HUD
– Race Menu
– Fuz Ro Do-oh Silent Voice (pretty sure this just lets me use “commands” like the dovakin relax)
– Detailed Faces
– DYNAVISION Dynamic Depth of Field
– Enhanced Blood Textures
– No More Blocky Faces


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