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Living with Type 2 Diabetes

The statistics surrounding Type 2 Diabetes are staggering: nearly 26 million children and adults in America have diabetes – 90 to 95 percent of those diagnosed have type 2 Diabetes. This means nearly 10 percent of the American population has this condition including 25 percent of seniors. According to the National Institutes of Health, 18.7 percent of non-Hispanic blacks, ages twenty and older, have diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes. ThatÕs nearly 5 million people. And approximately 10.4 of Hispanics over 20 years of age have diagnosed diabetes. Controlling Type 2 Diabetes depends a great deal on a patientÕs compliance not only in taking medications, but with lifestyle modifications as well. In this program, experts will discuss the significant role of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes in treating and monitoring Type 2 Diabetes. If these efforts do not help keep blood sugar at normal or near-normal levels, patients will likely be prescribed medication to help them in this crucial effort.


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