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Los Angeles DUI Defense - Will You Have to Testify

If your drunk driving case proceeds to trial, will you have to testify? Probably not. Most legal defenses in drunk driving cases do not require defendant testimony. However, there are several exceptions to this general rule. Your attorney will want you to take the stand if:

– You refuse to take a chemical test
– You are claiming at trial that you did not have enough to drink to generate the high breath test reading you obtained
– You have a physical impairment that caused your poor performance on the field sobriety tests
– You have liquor receipts supporting your defense
– You have a medical condition like G.E.R.D., Diabetes, or Hypoglycemia that interfered with your breath test.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, your attorney will in advance the questions he or she plans to ask you as well as detail the questions the prosecutor is likely to throw at you.

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