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Low Cost Diabetic Supplies Including Low Cost Test Strips

Are you a diabetic and have no health insurance? I pity you since the average person with diabetes spends somewhere in the neighborhood of $13,000 a year on health costs. Compare this with the $2,500 a person without the disease spends and you can see why we are between a rock and a hard place with out health insurance. Obviously finding low cost diabetic supplies is mandatory for us.

I was personally turned down for health insurance coverage because I was considered “pre-diabetic” because it runs in my family. Every once in a while I will check my blood sugar with my wife’s glucose monitor and I have always been in a good range. I wonder how many others are stuck with no insurance or inadequate insurance to cover the high cost of their diabetes supplies.

I mentioned that I used my wife’s monitor, she does have diabetes and needs to check her glucose levels daily and as you may well know sometimes three or four times a day. The Glucose monitors last for a long time but finding low cost test strips can be a choir especially when you go through better than 50 a month. We have found that it is best to stay stocked up on them so that we do not have to run out to the pharmacy to grab a high cost bottle of test strips.

We have found some great low cost diabetic supplies including low cost test strips online. Test strips like Freestyle, Bayer Contour and One Touch can be found for over half price. In fact at one place we were able to save, even with shipping, better than 50 percent on strips that were unopened and did not expire until a year into the future. And I can guarantee that they will be used up way before then.

Source by J. Snyder

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