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Loyalty Locksmith - How To - RE-KEY A LOCK NAPA CALIFORNIA


In this Video you can see the internal workings of a lock and the basic locksmith tools to get the job done including the plug spinner, lock holder, pinning kit for schlage commercial locks and of course the cut key by the locksmith.

I made this video as a promo video to get my name out there and it has a lot of editing quality because i added my custom made hip hop tracks produced by me. Maybe on the next one i will rhyme a few words. it’s fascinating to see how a lock works and that the code can be changed to fit a new cylinder residential or commercial fittings. Some locksmiths have different techniques but this works for me. On this day we serviced the saint helena area 25 minutes from napa california at a winery . The acid corrosion from cleaning the wine manufacturing tanks was sprayed on the door accidentally eating away at the internal pins of the lock causing it to malfunction. I unlocked the door manually and re-keyed a new lock to their current master key to fit all doors. After installing the lock the woman was pleased that it worked smoother and better than last time. Customer service is everything in this business. Call today.



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