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Make ad-free website without spending a cent - 1 : DoctorKC

Hi friends ! This is an educational videos for those who do not know how to make a web page. You may grab free webspace at http://free.ukmall.net and from a few hundred providers at http://ukmall.net/freespace.html – and have your website next hour without spending a cent. I am on a crazy spree to ensure that 1. Every one of you has a free website without banner ads. 2. Every one of your friends has a free website without banner ads. 3. Every one of your relatives has a free website without banner ads. You may find it strange but I agree to remain with you during the entire process of making website (03.00-17.00 hours GMT). Just dial +91-9810571993 email http://ukmall.net/email.php or connect Skype : doctorksongs To begin with let us grab free webspace. On the screen you have the page free.ukmall.net Click Free Website Hosting. On next page click Sign-Up Now Fill up desired website name,email address, password, and Click Create Account. Click verification link in email. Now you are proud owner of web space. The basic principles involved in web designing are :- 1. Do not learn anything 2. Do not remember any thing 3. Just copy anything and every thing you need. While we continue, please begin downloading Netscape 4.05 from my website ukmall.net/cd/netscape.zip Netscape 4.5 is 11 MB free software – we shall use only composer which is a part of communicator. You may also avoid Netscape and use MS-Word, saving first page as index.html Let us begin with popular muhaawra – Haathi ke daant khaane ke aur dikhaane ke aur. An elephant has teeth of two varieties – some to eat with and others to display. You may make website that only runs. You may make website that only shows. You may make website that shows and runs. I do not have to teach the first. Just install Netscape, open new blank page in composer (not navigator). Struggle for just five minutes to make out :- 1. How to open a blank page. 2. How to type words and change size, colour etc. 3. From Insert menu at top you may insert tables, images and links :- a. How to make table b. How to place image from your computer. c. How to link words Homepage Services Prices Contact to index.html services.html prices.html contact.html. Save a blank page page as index.html Process it as I just explained. Do not save page with content. It would be autosaved every 10 minutes. You may modify autosave to about 3-5 minutes with Edit/Preferences. Copy index.html file as services.html prices.html contact html You may copy file at MyComputer. Else you may save three blank pages and paste content from index.html. Now you have four template pages. Just type the matter, add tables and images you wish. You may upload four pages in several ways :- 1. Your webhost often provides browser upload from your hosting account. 2. If your host offers FTP, use ftp://username:password(AT)ftphostname as address on internet (Internet Explorer). Just paste the files (filenames from MyComputer) on empty page. 3. FTP software available at ukmall.net/cd/ftp.zip The website may not look very beautiful. Your visitors are more concerned with content. Do not forget to add page title. It may be added while saving blank page and modified by clicking Format at the top. DO NOT SAVE PAGES – THAT MAY CORRUPT LINKS AND IMAGES. Pages autosave at intervals. Well friends, that was all about website that only runs. Also website has two parts – the hidden head and the visible body. We shall take up head as first thing in next video. Second type is website that only shows. Just pay Rs5000 to a webmaster and get website. Unless you have maintenance contract, it would remain unaltered for years until you find it useless and discard. For correcting diabetees to diabetes, you depend upon webmaster. In case there are two brokers in between and you do not know webmaster, no modification is possible. In my next video, I shall take up website which shows and works.

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