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Makensie Sawyer receives Today's Hero Award

Seven-year-old Makensie Sawyer likes to write poems. Her latest one talks about a flower that has eyes.

Thursday night, Makensie served as her father’s eyes as she led him to find the car carrying her mom and younger sisters after her mom’s blood sugar got really low and she lost consciousness.

Kara Sawyer, who has diabetes, barely had enough time to pull over when she started realizing her blood sugar was getting low.

“I knew that something was wrong and I pulled over and after that I kind of don’t remember,” Kara said.

That’s when Makensie jumped in. She immediately called her dad, Brock Sawyer.

“I knew that my mom’s sugar was low because she was all over the place in the car,” Makensie said.

Brock, who is on staff at The Assembly of Broken Arrow and was working on a rehearsal there that night, left immediately after he got the call.

“She said, ‘Mommy’s sugar is real low, I need your help,'” Brock said.

“She directed me exactly where I needed to go,” he said.

Kara, who was on her way home from a friend’s house, had pulled over in the woods behind St. Anne Catholic Church. Makensie was able to describe their location because her older sister, Julie, attends Haskell Middle School near the church.

“I would have never found them if it weren’t for her telling me exactly where they were,” Brock said, because it was dark and they were in a wooded area.

Although Brock brought some candy to help revive his wife, when he got there he knew it was beyond what he could fix with some juice or candy.

Makensie’s parents are proud of her and her 5-year-old twin sisters, Abbie and Aubrie, because they were able to stay calm during the situation.

“Me and Abbie and Aubrie were scared a little bit,” Makensie confided, and they cried a little when the paramedics came because they were worried about their mother.

These episodes don’t occur frequently, and never before while she was driving, Kara said. Although the family doesn’t make a big deal of the fact that she has diabetes, her daughters know to be alert because it’s just a part of their daily lives.

The twins are just learning to call their dad if something is wrong, while Makensie is at a stage where she can recognize some of the physical signs of low blood sugar — droopy eyes or slurred words — and get her mom some juice or candy. When Julie, 13, is not home, she knows she has to be the older sister.

“It’s nice to have an extra set of eyes and ears around here to help out,” Brock said.

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