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Making Lifestyle Changes to Control Diabetes

24 million Americans have Diabetes, equating to around 11 per cent of the population.  Most are Type 2 Diabetic and around a third of those who have symptoms of Diabetes do not know the disease is developing.  In addition to this, around 57 million American adults who are overweight are experiencing high blood sugar levels, putting them at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Patients suffering with Type 1 Diabetes are unable to produce insulin, the hormone required to convert glucose into energy.  In Type 2 Diabeetes, the patient loses the facility to utilise insulin, becoming resistant to it.  Diabetes can cause blindness; heart disease and stroke as well as being responsible for limb amputations and kidney failure.

Desirable blood sugar levels may be reached through certain lifestyle changes and Diabetes can be effectively controlled by making adjustments in daily food and exercise habits.  Research is showing that these changes can eventually eliminate the need for medication in many Diabetic patients, reversing the effects of Diabetes by affording the patient a better diet, exercise regime and general health routine.  The changes that are needed relate to diet, better sleeping routines, exercising and reducing body weight.

As exercise improves insulin resistance, it can also help prevent the onset of Tye 2 Diabetes and also contribute to controlling Type 1 Diabetes.  People at high risk of developing diabetes may cut their risk by 50% simply by walking 30 minutes a day, according to a recent Diabetes prevention study conducted by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.  Metformin, a familiar Diabetes medication, might also produce a similar result but only up to 31%.  Exercise is better – more effective and also cheaper.

“With lifestyle changes, diabetics can avoid insulin use. In fact, when we start an insulin-dependent diabetic on a diet, we cut the amount injected by one half. Further weight loss and fat reduction will improve diabetic control and lead to the eventual elimination of insulin injections in many of our diabetics. Suffice to say that diet and exercise is known to reverse insulin dependence unless said diabetic has exhausted his or her pancreas,” Says Dr. Avi, Director of Aviisha Medical Wellness Institute in Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks.

More patients are striving to reduce their insulin injections and diabetic medications or avoid them altogether, cooperating with their physicians to replace their medication program with an improved lifestyle regime to get the same or better results.  Losing weight helps to reduce abdominal fat that restricts the insulin friendly function of the liver.  Taking weight down by as little as 5 – 10% can produce a dramatic reduction in blood sugar levels; reducing the need for medication and controlling Diabetes without insulin

30 minutes to an hour of moderate aerobic exercise three or four times per week can also lower blood sugar levels by 10 – 20%.  The regular exercise also helps with cholesterol levels.

Blood sugar control is vital in preventing Type 2 Diabetics and a healthy lifestyle is proven to provide the best control, not only for those already suffering from Diabetes but also as a preventative measure for those at risk of developing the disease.

Source by Aviisha Staff

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