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MANNA-LOVE (Demwhit's Culinary Creations)

What is MANNA™

People who taste this secret family recipe for the first time always ask, “What is this flavor?” Because of this, we searched for a suitable name for our product. One of the founders had a dream where he saw the word MANNA. After researching the word, we discovered MANNA means “What is this” in its ancient context, and this word became the name of the distinctive flavor.

Flavor Profile

MANNA offers the palate a range of tastes from sweet to savory, and buttery to salty.
The texture is crunchy, crispy, and fluffy.

Each Golden Nugget carries a unique array of seasonings, allowing the flavor to progressively build with every mouthful, culminating to a full palate experience.

Why is MANNA 100% SuperNatural?

• MANNA is the first and only Ready-to-Eat popcorn using Pure Grapeseed Oil.
• All ingredients are NON-GMO.
• 0g Trans Fat.
• All ingredients are Gluten Free.
• It is an excellent source of Whole Grain.
• Redmond Real Salt offers trace minerals and provides a rare source of magnesium.
• Sweetened with Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, the most natural form of sugar available.
• Only 140 calories per serving.
• MANNA’s flavor cannot be categorized with typical popcorn flavor profiles.

Why use Grapeseed Oil in MANNA?

That’s a great question. First, grapes and grape vineyards are synonymous with heritage, passion and love. The same can be said for MANNA. Grapes require hands on care and painstaking attention to detail to be produced to their full splendor. MANNA is delicate in nature as well, demanding production accuracy incomparable to any other edible pleasure. Grapeseed Oil is very expensive and is difficult to produce. One ton of grapes are required to produce 3 liters of grapeseed oil. Why go through so much trouble to produce oil for cooking? Another great question.

Grapeseed Oil has been touted as the new olive oil in the emerging market looking for healthier options in recipes calling for searing. It contains Vitamin E, Linoleic acid and antioxidants known as Proanthocyanidins. These are powerful fighters of free radical which may help to reduce cellular aging. Grapeseed Oil also delivers healthy fats such as mono and polyunsaturated fats, that may help reduce blood pressure levels. Studies have also shown that consuming Grapeseed Oil reduces the chance of health problems related to free radical damage, heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer.

Why use such expensive oil for a snack product? No matter the cost to produce, at DemWhit’s, we believe in utilizing only the finest ingredients to create products that are highly sought after and memorable. Our hope is that you, the Customer, will appreciate the great lengths we have taken to produce a higher caliber product, elevate your senses to SuperNatural ingredients, and demand no less in all you consume on a daily basis.


MANNA has revolutionized the Ready To Eat popcorn category with its very own cooking process trademarked as Ovennovation. Due to its artisan style cooking process, MANNA offers the unique ability to be heated in a conventional oven, allowing the consumer to experience the product warm, crispy and delicious, just like homemade. To experience MANNA homemade, first preheat your conventional oven to 350 degrees. Then, place MANNA on an ungreased cookie sheet and cook for 3 minutes.

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