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Medicines: Diabetes treatment is extremely easy to find that few people expected

We tell readers a simple and easy-to-find herbal remedy for diabetes is extremely effective, that is young mango leaves.

In Oriental medicine, diabetes is also called diabetes mellitus. In addition to Western medicine treatment, patients can take some form of diabetes from natural herbs is also very good.
Using diabetes treatment is both safe and effective, not cause side effects. Moreover, diabetic medicinal plants are available and very easy to find in Vietnam.
Below, we would like to tell you a simple and easy-to-find herbal remedy for diabetic ulcers.
According to traditional medicine, the leaves are sour, sweet, cool, cooling effect, diuretic, anti-sa viscera, be used for upper respiratory diseases such as cough, acute bronchitis or chronic, edema.
In addition, mango leaves contain anthocyanins that have a hypoglycemic effect against diabetic eye and blood vessel complications.

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