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Medifast Helps Teens Troubled by Obesity

Dieting isn’t just for adults. With today’s ultra-fast lifestyle, teenagers are also suffering from the symptoms of being overweight and obese. In fact, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the number of overweight teens has tripled in the past two decades!
The result is that millions of teens in America alone are at risk for ailments such as high blood pressure and even heart disease. Type-2 Diabetes has also become a problem among this age group. And it’s likely that obese teens will remain obese as adults. Fortunately, Medifast and Medifast coupons can help!
Shape for Life is the Medifast program for teens. It includes pre-made food and support that can help teens and their parents alike to manage their eating habits. Additionally, using Medifast coupons will help to compensate for the high costs of meals and saves money on unhealthy meals.
Shape for Life is perfect for adolescents aged 13 to 18-years-old. This program includes convenient meal plans that are compatible with today’s hectic lifestyles. They feature eating at standard periods throughout the day, which helps to eliminate unhealthy snacking. 

Medifast coupons make the program for teens even more available to more teens. Teens can use the coupons to secure over 60 types of Medifast Meals, to balance a healthy meal plan. Furthermore, over 15,000 medical professionals have recommended Medifast, so teens and their parents alike can have confidence that they’ve made the right choice.

Shape for Life includes two unique plans: the Weight Loss Plan and the Weight Maintenance Plan. Teens select one of the two plans, based on their Body Mass Index (BMI). The teenager’s doctor can help to easily calculate his or her BMI and can guide the teen through the Medifast program.   

The Medifast meals, which can be bought by using Medifast coupons, are a vital aspect of your teen’s weight-loss program. The teen program is full of healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and so on. They’ll eat fewer calories yet still feel satisfied! Furthermore, “Sometimes Foods” provide flexibility in the plan, and can be incorporated into the regular meal plans.

It’s vital that teens learn healthy lifestyle habits. Parents can help in guiding the teen in obtaining short-term and long-term control over the teen’s weight, and living a healthier lifestyle.

In particular, teens on the Medifast meal learn to eat small meals often. Since the meals are pre-made and can be purchased using Medifast coupons, they’re ultra convenient.  In particular, the pre-made meals help to control portioning, and can maintain a level blood sugar level.

One reason that obesity has become such an epidemic in today’s world is that portions are often 200%-400% the size they should be! When teens eat bigger meals, their calorie count skyrockets. Fortunately, Medifast solves that problem with meals that are perfectly portioned. 

Medifast gives teens control over their own eating habits. With Medifast coupons, they’ll be able to select healthy pre-made meals that are filling and tasty. By fusing a healthy diet and an exercise regiment, teens will be on their way to becoming super healthy! (515)

Source by Karen Davis Richardson

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