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Meditation for healing and world peace

Good morning and welcome to day 3 of your new life with meditation.

Today we will begin with a meditation for healing and world peace. Holding this world in a healing ball of light is a reiki visual meditation that increases the vibrational frequency of your heart. your surroundings, and your world. The vibration you carry with you will attract the same vibration… take time to tune into your life force. (pranic energy)

Inspirational quote for today: 

“The purpose of life is to watch and experience living. To enjoy living every moment of it. And to live in environments, which are calm, quiet, slow, sophisticated, elegant. Just to be. Whether you are naked or you have a golden robe on you, that doesn’t make any difference. The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful – great and full – that you are alive, and you enjoy it.” 
― Yogi Bhajan


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