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Metabolic Effects of Dietary Protein


At the beginning of this PhD adventure, the discovery that dietary proteins may impact on fat metabolism in humans by preventing their accumulation in the liver, a real current hot topic in regard of obesity, diabetes and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis preponderance.

In this PhD dance, Miss “Amely Albumin”, travelling through the portal vein, progressively reaches the liver, spatially delineated in the corner by a line (in the memory of one habit to represent the liver by drawing a triangle) where she will be step by step metabolised in smaller peptides and amino acids (symbolised by Amely’s progressive taking off).
First she discovers how intriguing the liver machinery is before beginning to explore the 3 major pathways hypothesized as possible explanations.

ACT I/ First Pathway: increase in fat oxidation?

At first she teases with her potential of seduction trough increasing fat excitation and oxidation…but despite all her efforts of seduction, her attempt was obviously a failure which makes her angry and then leads her efforts through the second hypothesis …
Comment In this act, she is playing with a bubble of fat leading to their oxidation (symbolised by the small explosion).

ACT II/ Second Pathway: increase in fat exportation cloistered in VLDL particles?

Here she is expected to prevent fat accumulation by favouring export of fat from the liver to the adipose tissue by increasing the secretion of VLDL (Very Low density Lipoprotein) particle, in which lipids, as lipophilic molecules, are coated. Once again, despite all her efforts, it was inconclusive…
Comment In this act, her envelopment in the piece of tissue and attempt to escape illustrate the way she might act on the sequestration an export of fat to the adipose tissue in VLDL particle.

ACT III/ Third Pathway: disturb fat entry into the liver?

Exasperated, she decides to take charge and fight directly against fat entry into the liver, which finally seems to be at least a suitable explanation…however at the end of the fight, completely metabolised, she is exhausted and has lost her last battery…
Comment In this act, she is fighting against lipids, preventing their entry into the liver. It is signposted at the end by the “red cross” in front of the spectator
The end: Game is over, but the story is still going …

Good luck and have fun, as much as I had and still will continue to have about proteins story…


The time chosen for this piece is about 10 minutes, the usual time allocated to a scientific researcher to defend his work and discovery during a short oral communication !!!!

Thanks to my lab of heart…

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