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mHealthcare Solutions Dhaka Pilot 2013

mHealthcare Solutions have developed a range of smartphone based applications to extend quality healthcare beyond the capital cities of developing world countries. This is a short video about the diabetes screening pilot programme we undertook in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The screening pilot provided community healthcare workers with a smartphone device and digital glucometer so that they were able to screen for diabetes and monitor patient progress and treatments. The blood sugar readings are taken using the glucometer which is connected to the smartphone or tablet by USB or bluetooth. A structured, led questionnaire then ensures that data about the patient’s wellbeing is captured, along with other measurements such as temperature. These results are then transmitted over 3G or Wifi to a central tele-healtcare centre in Dhaka, manned by qualified nurses and doctors. Here the results are analysed and a diagnosis or prognosis is made and communicated back to the healthcare worker via their smartphone. This could include diagnosis, nutritional advice, treatment recommendations, presecriptions or referal to a clinic for further tests. The first phase of the pilot is complete, involving 200 patients across the city. We’re now working on plans for a major roll out across the country.

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