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Michael Feigin Gives You Tips on Foods to Add to Your Diet to Eat Healthier!

The USDA has changed its food & diet recommendations and fitness guru Michael Feigin talks about how you and your family can eat healthier.
“The guidelines speak to the fact that the majority of adults and one of three children are overweight or obese,” notes Michael Feigin. “The good news is that every day there are new products brought to market that can help us meet the guidelines and lead healthier lives.”

With the late release of the The USDA’s official 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans , almost everyone who is struggling to make changes in how they eat has new ammunition.
The Guidelines make it crystal clear how people can improve their health and fitness levels – and drastically reduce their risk of debilitating diseases linked to obesity – including heart disease and diabetes.
The Guidelines call on half the population to drastically cut daily salt intake, and for almost everyone else to double the amount of fish they eat, consume more low fat dairy products and to have fruits and vegetables occupy about half the food on their plates.

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