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Michael's Jets: Soaring To Defeat Diabetes - 2012 Walk Video

Dear Family and Friends,

On October 20th 2008 my son Michael was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Over the course of a week prior Michael complained of constant severe thirst, tiredness, and made frequent trips to the bathroom. I took Michael to his pediatrician to have is iron levels tested as, my son had battled Anemia since age 6. I also asked that his time is blood sugar be checked. I got a call much later that night just after Midnight that sent him to the Emergency room after the lab work revealed his blood sugar was 800! I didn’t understand how this could have happened, what had I done? We were in the Emergency over night and till 5pm the next day. After leaving the Emergency we were sent to meet with a doctor at the Diabetes Care Center. I had been up for over 48 hours and was trying to understand all the medications, testing, carbohydrate counting, and shots all at one time. It was so overwhelming and I felt lost. Once home I didn’t know what to cook, I had to weigh and count everything.

Then almost year later on September 8th 2008 we also found out Michael had a secondary autoimmune disease reared its head, Celiac Disease which is a severe allergy to Gluten in the form of Wheat, Barley, and Rye. With normal healthy person the chances of having Celiac is 1 out of 100, while a diabetic is 1 in 10. So a double whammy in not even a year and more learning on diet and even more vigorous reading of food labels and calling the food manufactures to get what is in the vague ingredients such as “artificial flavors”. (The food industry just has to label wheat as a allergy but, not barley or rye).

As Mikey now has 2 autoimmune diseases the percentage for him to develop more are much higher and usually likely. He was checked for Addison’s Disease the following year but thankfully dodged that bullet, and so far any further complications.`

Now 4 years later cooking and caring for my son’s Diabetes & Celiac Disease management has become easier. My son gets an average of 7-9 finger pricks a day which is 2555 pricks per year. He get insulin shots for meals and high blood sugar corrections about 5-7 times a day which is 1825 shots a year. Combined he gets stuck with needles 4380 times a year.

That is why my son, I and my family Walk to Cure Diabetes with JDRF. This year it is on October 20th 2012. the 4yr anniversary of his diagnoses My son and I along with JDRF hope to one day find a cure for diabetes. My son, family and I are looking to raise money for the cure. YOU CAN HELP!

1.Make a contribution in support of team Michael’s Jets (cash or checks made out to JDRF). You can also make an online donation by visiting www.jdrf.org. Any amount is welcome.

2. Walk in support for the cure and become an active part of the team. The only request is that you register (www.jdrf.org), and help collect donations also.

We greatly appreciate your consideration and support for this worthy cause. We look forward to having as much support as possible.

Thank You,

Michael’s Jets

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