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Multii, Take it and go - Type 1 Diabetes

After creating a survey and asked Type 1 Diabetics to fill out about what sort of problems they encounter everyday while managing their diabetes. I surprisingly got over 400 responses in the past 10 months. Did you know that 43% of Type 1 Diabetics are still using the Insulin Pen and do not want to use an Insulin Pump because of the constant attachments and the fact that it is a continuous reminder of their condition?

The top 3 problems that Type 1 Diabetics encounter and want to see a solution too are:
1 – They feel like they have too much to carry around everywhere.
2 – Counting Carbohydrates is complex and takes too long.
3 – Disposing of used needles and strips isnt available when you are away from home.

The design of the Multii combines the Blood Glucose Monitor, an Insulin Pen and a portable Sharps Container into a compact device. It has a number of features that include storage compartments for 6 new penfill needles, it has a lazer lancet, has a compartment that hold a stack of 50 test strips that gets automatically ejected, a touch screen for an easier interface, an insulin pen that has a vaccum wall like the thermos technology which is used to control the temperature of the insulin keeping it cool at different temperatures and finally It has a barcode scanner where the user gets to scan a barcode from a packaged food item and the device connects to the internet through a nearby Bluetooth device or computer to download nutritional information about the specific food item which then multii automatically calculates the appropriate dose.

I came across these two interesting products that I then chose to incorporate into my final solution. A lazer lancet that is less painful than using ordinary needle lancets and the other being a snappable penfill needle rather than screwing them in. These two products are already out there however not widely available yet.

This is just a prototype and not a working product. Please help me get this out to the market if at all possible!


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