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My Child's Type 1 Diabetes Everyday Bag | Vlogger Mom #TicTalkTarra

2016 –
Today I am showing you my daughter’s everyday bag she carries with her that has her Type 1 diabetes essentials. Some corrections in this vlog.
Her Glucagon Emergency Kit is new every year with her perscription refills. Of course there is an expiration date. We discard the old kits.
The Ketostix is what we use to check her ketones if her blood gluclose persits above a certain number.
We often carry a variety of snacks with us depending on where she is going and how long she will be gone from the house.
With all her belonging we label her contact information. We just received a new humelog pen and I have to label.

Check out the other links below on What is Type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Smarty – cartoon

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