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MyFBM Launches “Embracing You with a Circle of Blue!” Friendship Bracelet Campaign for Juvenile Diabetes

Throughout the last year, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response we have received from consumers. We are so touched every time we read a product review or a Facebook post that is written with so much enthusiasm for My Friendship Bracelet Maker. MyFBM was developed with love and passion to create a quality product that would encourage creativity and friendship among its users. While we are so thankful for product sales, our ultimate joy has come from the knowledge that our product promotes a spirit of friendship at a time when it is needed most.

In 2010 during our first year in business, it became a priority for us to use My Friendship Bracelet Maker™ as a platform to encourage kids to support one another. Thus began our series of “Choose Friendship” campaigns. Last summer we launched “Red, White and Blue…Kids Serve Too!” We collected red, white and blue bracelets to deliver to kids of military families. We followed that up with “Pink and White, Kids Join the Fight!”, where we collected pink & white bracelets and delivered them to kids touched by breast cancer.

There are so many causes that we want to support, and the hardest part is narrowing it down to one. So many kids need encouragement and support for so many reasons. We did decide to focus on supporting kids with Juvenile Diabetes. We proudly Introduce, “Embracing you with a Circle of Blue” (more at: myfbm.com/choose-friendship/) This is a cause we have become very familiar with, as a close family friend (Mona) was diagnosed with the disease at the age of three. As you will see in the video, Mona is an inspiration to all kids diagnosed with Diabetes. Her sugar was so high the day of her diagnosis that Doctors were amazed that she was not in a coma. Her family decided to that they would turn that day into ”Angels Day”…a day they would celebrate each year because the angels saved her.

She has not let Diabetes hold her back from living life to the fullest. In fact, she is an amazing 12 year old girl that is a championship dancer, gymnast and straight A student. Mona knows that support, love and friendship are the most important things that help her in her life. She is working with us to collect blue and white friendship bracelets that she will personally distribute to kids at the diabetes camp this summer. Each of the children receiving the bracelet will know that someone cared enough to take the time and make a special friendship bracelet for them.

We even created a new friendship pattern in honor of this campaign. The international symbol for diabetes is a circle of blue. Visit our workshop at www.myfbm.com/workshop for written instructions on the blue circle bracelet. Thank you for your continued support of our product, and our choose friendship mission.

“Out of difficulties grow miracles.”
~Jean De La Bruyere~

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