$2,100 for insulin. That is the price before insurance kicks in when they meet the $13,000 deductible. It will be the same price in 28 days when these bottles are gone or expired, and she will have to do it all again. Insulin prices have increased 300% since 2002, and are forecast to increase another 18% this year. If she doesn’t buy this insulin, her son and daughter will die. Her shoulders sag, and her skin in pale, the stress is killing her. They used to be a successful middle class family, until her 5 year old twins were both diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Now, 50% of her husbands income goes to medical costs and insurance premiums. They sold their nice house, and moved into a fixer upper, but cannot afford to fix it up. The roof leaks, and the old car desperately needs tires.But she just spent her $2,100 on insulin to keep her babies alive, and has 28 days to find a way to do it again…..


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