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Myths and Facts about Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases worldwide. Many people suffer with it. But, as the disease is very common there are many myths about it prevalent among the people. This generally gets spread from one person to another and ultimately leads to the spread of the wrong information. Many of the deaths are being noted due to this wrong information. We need to clear out these misunderstandings in order to safeguard our health. If we continue to blindly follow the health information provided then we are certainly in the danger. Re-checking of the health information is strongly recommended. So, here is my effort to clear out the myths about diabetes:

Myths and Facts about Diabetes are as follows:

Myth: Diabetic patients must strictly stop eating sugar and chocolates

Fact: Diabetic patients can eat the sugars and chocolates but in limited amount. Remember that cutting the sugar and chocolates content may lead to reduction in sugar content that may cause harm to your health. Remember that only sugar intake is not the cause of diabetes. No doctor would suggest you to stop sugar or sweet items intake completely. Adequate amount of the sugar are necessary for the body to perform its regular task so please don’t cut down the sugar intake completely.

Myth: Diabetes will make you obese

Fact: Diabetes and obesity is linked, but it doesn’t mean that every diabetic patient is going to suffer with obesity. It has been noted that only 23% of the diabetic patients suffer with the obesity. Obesity is caused by the excessive weight gain due to the intake of the lots of fatty foods and lack of physical activity, but not due to the diabetes. Please consult the doctor for the valid information, don’t believe on what your friends, colleagues, or relatives are saying. If you are following the healthy diet routine then you may notice the weight gain but not due to the diabetes.

Myth: Diabetes can spread from one person to another

Fact: This is the most irrelevant myth amongst all. Diabetes can not spread from one person to another. It is a non-communicable disease. Diabetes can spread from one generation to another, but not from one person to another. You can call diabetes as hereditary disease, but not the communicable disease. Please don’t believe in any of such myths about diabetes from now on.

Myth: Diabetes destroys immune system completely and diabetic patients are always ill

Fact: Diabetes puts an impact on the immune system, but it is not able to destroy the immune system completely. There is no way a relationship between the common illness and the diabetes. This myth is being completely disqualified by the many research studies. If you compare the health statistics of diabetic patient with normal man they are slightly less, but there is no major difference.

Myth: Atherosclerosis and high blood pressure are caused by insulin (a drug for diabetes)

Fact: Atherosclerosis is caused due to the accumulation of plaque in the arteries that supply blood to the heart and high blood pressure is result of tensions and stress, but they are no way related to the intake of the insulin. Many scientific studies have proved that there is no link between the atherosclerosis and insulin or high blood pressure and insulin. If you want any more information on this I would recommend you to contact your family physician he can guide you best on this.

These are the most prevalent myths about diabetes that you must not believe and other are the facts about diabetes that you must remember.

Source by James Smith

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