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Welcome to navoices.com
We have a newcomers section,with things for the newcomer,be they teens or senior citizen.We believe in the disease concept.This is the newcomers area,you can be an NA old timer and be welcomed.
The disease of addiction says that we have a disease,like lung disease, diabetes, cancer and addiction does not go away.
Our 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous give us a new chance to live in recovery
In NA we do the full meal deal,cutting right in on our diseases foundation.
Our literature is written,we are not here to discuss it,but to live i recovery instead.
A section to help us keep it basic.When we try to do first things first,and try to keep it simple,it worksIf you’re new to recovery start here. Have Questions Concerning Recovery? Post Them Here. Need Help?
NA Voices – Connect with NA recoverying addicts from around the world.We are a group of addicts from all over the world,and do not represent NA ,or NAWS,nor speak for our fellowship.We only speak for us.
Monday at 12:00 noon eastern time
Tuesday 10 at night,eastern time
Wednesday at 12 NOON Eastern time.
We are looking for meeting chairs and forum help.

This works when you work it!!!
Closed group-send message to that address to join
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