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Neal Goodwin | Champions Oncology | USA | Drug Discovery 2015 | Conference Series LLC

International Conference and Expo on Drug Discovery & Designing August 11-13, 2015 Frankfurt, Germany

Scientific Talk On: Advanced-Tumor-Biology-Plaforms-For-Drug-Advancement
Click here for Abstract and Biography: http://drug-discovery.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/abstract/2015/neal-goodwin-champions-oncology-usa-advanced-tumor-biology-plaforms-for-drug-advancement

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Neal Goodwin, serves as a Vice President Corporate Research and Development for Champions Oncology. His responsibilities include development of the patientrnderived xenograft pharmacology portfolio for translational oncology and clinical oncology programs. He previously served as Director of JAX Cancer Services andrnprior to JAX he was the Co-founder and Chief Scientifi c Offi cer of ProNAi Therapeutics (NASDAQ: DNAI). He received a in Microbiology from The University ofrnMontana and served a Postdoctoral fellowship in functional genomics at The Jackson Laboratory with John Schimenti (now at Cornell).


Historically, collections of patient derived xenograft (PDX) models have been employed for testing investigationalrncompounds for effi cacy predictions. PDX-based platforms can be used synergistically with spontaneous mouse modelsrnand GEMMs for making discoveries of new therapeutic targets, resistance mechanisms and biomarker signatures of response.rnDespite a growing number of available retrospective PDX models, there is a prevailing limitation to their use in simulatingrnclinical trials, because patients are under new selective pressures of resistance and this requires new schemes to eff ectivelyrnreal time model the clinic. Coupled-PDX trials are being advanced where ongoing clinical trials are being combined withrncompanion PDX studies that can help guide follow-on trial design. Ultimately, matched patient-PDX-directed trials can bernadvanced where appropriate patients will have PDX models established and screened for experimental therapeutics effi cacy.rnPatients then will be enrolled onto trials based on their PDX drug response and this has a potential to dramatically elevaternpositive patient response rates.

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