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NeuRemedy, "The Neuropathy Vitamin" - Pain Relief for Peripheral Neuropathy

Nutritional Management for Peripheral Neuropathy


The special formulation in NeuRemedy has been clinically shown to reduce the symptoms of

peripheral neuropathy including pain, burning, numbness and tingling.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition in which the nerves of the feet and/or legs do not

function properly. Common symptoms include tingling, numbness, sharp pains and/or burning

pains to the affected parts of the body. There are over one hundred known causes of

peripheral neuropathy. Treatments for peripheral neuropathy vary depending on its cause.

Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency is a well known cause of peripheral neuropathy. Diabetics

and non-diabetics alike may be thiamine deficient. If you have tingling, numbness, sharp

pains and/or burning pains to the feet, legs and/or hands you may be thiamine deficient.

Reversing thiamine deficiency is a well known and often highly successful way to

nutritionally manage peripheral neuropathy.

Groups that have been shown to have a high incidence of thiamine deficiency are, among

others, the elderly, people with diabetes, people who have had gastric bypass surgery or

patients on certain medications. For these people, NeuRemedy may nutritionally manage

peripheral neuropathy by delivering a highly bioactive form of the micro-nutrient thiamine

to where it is needed, the nerve cells. In a very real sense, NeuRemedy works by nourishing

the nerves. That’s why NeuRemedy is known as “The Neuropathy Vitamin”.

Some people are helped within a few days of taking NeuRemedy. Some need to take NeuRemedy

for as long as two months to determine if the nutritional management provided by NeuRemedy

is effective for them.

To learn more and to order: http://www.NeuRemedy.com

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