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Neuropathy Relief Charlotte NC | Type 2 Diabetes Charlotte NC

Neuropathy Relief Charlotte NC

Chiropractor Charlotte NC

Dr. Tebby
Tel : 704-541-7111

Are you suffering from the effects of type 2 diabetes? Have you gained weight or have trouble sleeping? Do you feel your sugar is out of control? Are you tired of taking medication without improving your diabetes? Are you taking insulin?

In our clinic we offer a natural treatment for diabetes. First, we do an intensive examination including a blood test , urine, and a full analysis of your hormonal and gastrointestinal system. Based on these results, we prescribe a plan for adequate nutrition and supplements your body needs to help reverse this condition . All this is personalized and based on your results.

Neuropathy Relief Charlotte NC

In our clinic we help eliminate type 2 diabetes naturally . The doctor is here to improve your health and answer your questions. Call us now at the number on the screen.

Neuropathy Relief Charlotte NC

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For more information on Diabetes and Neuropathy, you can find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_mellitus_type_2
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