HomeVideoNew Smart Watch LG Watch Sport vs Huawei Watch 2 Classic (The Winner is ___________) ON AMAZON

New Smart Watch LG Watch Sport vs Huawei Watch 2 Classic (The Winner is ___________) ON AMAZON

New Smart Watch LG Watch Sport vs Huawei Watch 2 Classic (The Winner is ___________) ON AMAZON
New Smart Watch :
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Move. Measure. Motivate. LG Watch Sport
With a stainless steel case and rubber strap, LG Watch Sport is ready for your most intense workouts. Track your running, count your reps, and more with Google Fit. Analyze your running and cycling stats with Strava.² You can even stream your favorite tunes and monitor your heart rate .

WORKOUT COMPANION Huawei Watch 2 Classic
Go running or cycling with your favorite workout beats, while guided and motivated by real-time coaching, and have your trail mapped via GPS, all without the burden of a phone.

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