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Nicky- Life with Type 1 Diabetes on the MiniMed 670G System

Don’t miss this Facebook Live event recorded on Wednesday April 12, 2017. Our Chief Patient Officer Louis Dias asks Nicky all about her experience on the NEW MiniMed® 670G system, the world’s first hybrid closed loop system. She’s 17, plays soccer, rides horses, loves to travel and uses the world’s most advanced diabetes tech. Nicky has worn the MiniMed 670G system as a clinical trial participant for the last year and a half. Tune in to hear her answers on what it’s like in the real world for daily diabetes management!

For type 1 ages 14 and over. May not be safe younger than 7 or using less than 8 units insulin/day. See http://bit.ly/670gRisks.

If you want to be first in line, check out the Priority Access program at www.medtronicdiabetes.com/priority-access. Anyone who purchases a MiniMed 630G system between August 11, 2016 and when we ship the MiniMed 670G system will be eligible to upgrade to the new system for $299. If you buy your MiniMed 630G system between now and April 28, 2017 you can pay $0 to upgrade, provided you participate in an approved System Access program. (Restrictions may apply.) Learn more about the MiniMed 670G system here: www.medtronicdiabetes.com/products/minimed-670g-insulin-pump-system.
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