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No Cures!!! The Root Cause of the American Health Care System Crisis

It is obvious but no one sees it. Modern medicine has lost the fight with chronic disease. That’s right! They have not cured a single disease in 55 years, not one. And that is the root cause of, and why we have a health care crisis in the United States. Why would not finding cures for diseases cause a health care crisis? If you take a minute, it’s easy to see. If a chronic disease is not curable and you get that disease, then that means that you’ll need treatment and medication for the rest of your life. Then, if you get another chronic disease, it will also require more treatment and medication and so on. I have seen patients being treated for 5 or more diseases on 20 plus medications. When you figure that out over that person’s lifetime, the cost is staggering.

Just take someone diagnosed with diabetes for example; which is just one of the many incurable diseases. There are 23.6 million diabetics in the United States and each one incurs an average expenditure of $11,744 per year, this is a combination of direct and indirect costs (CDC 2007). If modern medicine cured diabetes tomorrow that would save the health care system 1 dollar of every 10 dollars spent on health care or 174 billion dollars.

I thought that modern medicine’s basic goal was eradication or curing of all diseases and I am sure that you thought the same thing. Well somewhere along the road of modern medicine that noble goal got set aside in favor of the life long treatment of disease. The upside of life long treatment of say diabetes is that a tremendous amount of profit can be made from a life long customer. The down side is the cost to the diabetic in the quality of their life and that of their loved ones, the possible loss of a limb and eyesight, and even death, let alone monetary loss. In 2002, for instance, we lost 224,092 innocent souls to diabetes.

Another down side is the staggering number of chronic diseases we have, with new ones evolving almost daily and many of them considered epidemic, such as Lupus. Here are a few of the problems. There are 147 autoimmune diseases (it was 65 when I first studied this 5 years ago) and they are at epidemic numbers (1 in 4 people in the USA will have an autoimmune disease) and many of these individual autoimmune diseases are at epidemic numbers, rheumatoid arthritis is one. And each autoimmune disease has variations. Arthritis has 100 different variation forms alone. Cancer is epidemic. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will get cancer in their lifetime. Diabetes is an epidemic; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three U.S. children born in 2000 will develop diabetes. Obesity is also epidemic (34% of the population and growing), and every one of them will have multiple diseases (diabetes being one) and medications for the rest of their lives. Here is a challenge for you. Write down as many diseases as you can think of, and then do a search on line adding the word epidemic to each as you look them up. You will very sadly find that the majority of the diseases you wrote down are epidemic. If it wasn’t such a tragedy for so many people this would be a colossal ironic joke!

There are so many chronic diseases that few doctors would dare diagnose by symptoms alone. There are too many disease possibilities with disease symptoms overlapping each other. So they run test after expensive test, relying on laboratory results to assist them in making the final decision as to what disease you have. But even then the diagnosis can be wrong. There was a shocking statistic reported in a 2006 New York Times article estimating that about one-fifth of every diagnosis involving a fatal illness is misdiagnosed.

So what has modern medicine been doing for the last 55 years? They certainly haven’t stopped asking for money to “help us find the cure” Where have they been spending those donations and the government money (it must add up to trillions of dollars by now) to find a cure? We must assume that the money has been spent on finding those disease treatments that are destroying patients and breaking the back of the health care system. Do you think there will be an investigation, hmmm? So for the present time modern medicine’s answer to every disease is, “it is incurable, you will have to take this medicine for the rest of your life”. Try thinking about it this way. If every time you took your car to the mechanic and he told you “I can’t cure the problem but it’s treatable at a cost of $978 dollars a month for the life of your car.” How long would it be before you would be bankrupt and he would be rich? Now you tell me, would we call that an automotive care crisis?

Do I have an answer to this crisis? Yes, you bet I do. I jumped off of this medical merry-go-round about 20 years ago when I used completely naturopathic medical techniques to cure my cancer and a few autoimmune diseases I had picked up along the way from a poor American lifestyle. That is right, a poor American lifestyle is the root cause of, and what leads you to all these chronic so called incurable diseases. I am 64 now and I don’t take medication and I do not have any chronic diseases and I am my own doctor plus my lifelong treatment is a good American life style.

Source by Paul Blake

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