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Normal Blood Sugar Levels – Keeping Just With Two Secrets

A dietitian claims that keeping normal blood sugar levels in your body requires a little or strong Will Power. The will power of the diabetic patient is cited in this context for the simple reason that the coordination of the mind is also needed to accept or deny certain food categories associated with blood sugar increase. In alternative words it is claimed that the body remains healthy with flexible mindset until proper diet choice is made and food habit regulated. But it’s the normal tendency of people to be easy going with pills for any disease affecting the body. It’s Ok with any problem other than diabetes because a diabetic has the best alternative to choose the right diet and keep normal blood sugar levels in the bloodstream. When there are natural ways and means to control sugar levels, why should a diabetic think the other way and spoil his body with drugs and pills associated with side effects?

It is undeniable that a right meal plan alone can help a lot to keep the sugar levels under control. But finding ‘what contributes the right diet plan’ and ‘what is the quantum of food categories to include’ are important. Here are the guidelines of WHO and American Diabetes Association on diabetes and nutrition. Accordingly you have just two secrets of natural course of managing diabetic condition.

Secret.1=> Plan your carb count

Carbohydrates constitute the major food items though there are specifications of proteins and fats for type 2 diabetes. Glucose is an essential sugar needed for the body’s cells in regenerating energy in a cyclic process. Adding right amount of carb count in meal plan serves as fuel to provide energy by producing glucose.

In carbohydrates, there are two types namely simple and complex. Type 1 carb is identified as simple carbohydrates or sugar components like fructose, glucose, lactose, and sucrose contained in refined sugar. Type 2 carb is identified as complex carbohydrates (chemically bonded components) that are found rich in beans, nuts, green vegetables, and whole grains. Simple carbohydrates regenerate energy immediately as they are broken fast during digestion and converted into sugar. Complex carbohydrates are slowly digested by the body and a steady source of energy is produced. A diabetic needs a steady transmission of energy to keep normal sugar level. So it’s reiterated that eating right food for recommended amount of carb in addition to protein at each meal is essential.             

Following are the food groups that are high in carbohydrates:

  • Milk
  • Fruits and yogurt
  • Rice, bread, cereal, and pasta
  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes

Secret.2=> Plan your dietary fiber intake

Emphasis on fiber intake is made for diabetics for arresting the sugar levels shooting up. Fiber foods play just the counter role of carb foods. Fiber rich foods promote slow absorption of ingredients of the food intake and strike a balance against carb source. That way, normal blood sugar levels will be the outcome.

A justification on the two secrets:

Balancing the amount of carb foods with measured fiber intake is best suggested for maintaining normal blood sugar range.    

Source by Varadharajan R

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