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Normal Blood Sugar Level|Signs of Type 2 Diabetes|Piscataway NJ|Preventing Diabetes Complications

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The Health Care and Social Assistance sector comprises establishments providing health care and social assistance for individuals. The industries in this sector include physician’s offices, hospitals, medical laboratories, nursing homes, and youth and family service centers. The full set of credits is listed here http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/174708 Type 1 diabetes in children used to be known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes. If your doctor thinks you have T1D, he will check your blood sugar levels. Many people with T1D lives healthy lives. The key to good health is to keep your blood sugar levels within the range doctor gives you. How is Type 1 Diabetes Different from Type 2 Diabetes? In type 2 diabetes, your body does not use insulin properly. This is called insulin resistance. At first, the beta-cells make extra insulin to make up for it. But, over time your pancreas isn’t able to keep up and can’t make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose levels normal. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with oral medications, and/or insulin. Type 1 diabetes is always treated with insulin. We are JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We won’t stop until we create a world without T1D (type one diabetes). JDRF is the leading global organization funding T1D research with more than 100 U.S. locations and 6 international affiliates. Since inception, JDRF has contributed over $1.9B to T1D research and including $98M in 2014. JDRF is currently funding 45 human clinical trials of potential T1D therapies. Approximately 80% of JDRF expenditures directly support T1D research and research-related education. JDRF’s mission is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research. JDRF International is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. You’re the reason for our success. Every dollar we put toward research comes from donations. So when you support JDRF with your time, talent, voice and, yes, your money, you enable us to advance even more research. There are many ways to join the JDRF family, but for 45 years there has been only one reason—because we are the organization that will turn Type One into Type None. Take Action – Don’t be indifferent! Piscataway was founded in 1666, and officially incorporated in 1798. The community, the fifth oldest municipality in New Jersey, has grown from Indian territory, through a colonial period and is one of the links in the earliest settlement of the Atlantic seacoast that ultimately led to the formation of the United States. Piscataway, located in Middlesex County, comprises 19.1 square miles, is 35 miles from New York City, and within 250 miles of one-quarter of the nation’s total population. The community is ethnically diverse with 24,642 White, 10,254 Black, 104 Native Americans, 12,532 Asian, 1,397 Multi-racial, 4,002 Hispanic (of any race), and 1,553 other. Diabetes is a group of diseases marked by high levels of blood glucose resulting from problems in how insulin is produced, how insulin works, or both. People with diabetes may develop serious complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, and premature death. People with diabetes can take steps to manage the disease and lower the chance of health problems. Simple lifestyle measures have been shown to be effective in preventing or delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes.
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