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Numb toes and diabetes warning sign

It is very important to realize that numb toes are a serious sign of diabetic neuropathy. This clearly means that the nerves of the feet are being damaged. This is a serious warning that must not be ignored. If this is not treated you can lose your feet. Many have had their feet cut off due to this problem. Numb toes are a warning that the diabetic or person with high blood glucose is losing the fight.

It is important to recognize that time is critical to the diabetic. Those who wait lose the body. The cause of the problem of numb toes is that the blood circulation is being cut off and this is something that you do not want. As the blood vessels and nerves become overtaken by the blood glucose poison the numbness in the feet come in. As the diabetic waits the vessels and nerves are overcome and lose.

Diabetes is a poison hign blood glucose that destroys the body. The typical diabetes diet of sugar free cannot stop the damage to the toes and fingers. Only a specialized diabetes foot diet can reverse the nerve damage. Diabetes is increasing worldwide with millions losing the battle to this illness. There is some good news. There is a diabetes foot diet that has been s topping diabetic feet and toe numbness. See it here. CLICK HERE  DIABETES FOOT PAIN

A diabetic must realize that a common sugar free diet is not enough to reverse the problems of diabetic feet and toes. Never wait to find a reverse diabetes diet.

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