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Obesity And Diabetes - Diabetes Treatment

Welcome back to our You Tube channel today here in this video we are going to talk about OBESITY AND DIABETES / DIABETES TREATMENT. Here in this video we will tell you about obesity and diabetes , diabetes treatment. Diabetes is a condition in which the quantity of glucose in the blood. If you really want control your sugar levels and then you should watch this video carefully to managing your diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects the result in too much sugar in the blood and high blood glucose. Being overweight or obese increases the chances of developing the common type of diabetes , type 2 diabetes. Obesity is probably is the most important factor in the development of the insulin. Obesity is no longer condition that just affects the older people, although the increase with age and increasing numbers of young people have been diagnosed with obesity.

You must know more about diabetes before talk about OBESITY AND DIABETES / DIABETES TREATMENT. Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases that affects the result in too much sugar in the blood and high blood glucose. This means that your blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough with diabetes. The most common types of diabetes is type 1 diabetes , type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes . 90% of all people with diabetes in the United states and worldwide have type 2 diabetes and this is driven in large part by the epidemic of obesity and our laboratories in the section on obesity and hormones action focus on these two important aspects of the basics causes driving this epidemic of type 2 diabetes first what cause obesity and what can we do about obesity after the action of hormones like insulin so that the body no longer responds normally to the insulin that’s secreted in people who have resistance that is lets to make insulin but the tissues of the body like the liver muscle and ft no longer respond to this hormones and this is leading to the states of diabetes.

To know more about OBESITY AND DIABETES/ DIABETES TREATMENT please wat5ch this full video.


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