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Official Trailer for Islands and Insulin

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The doctors warned her not to go…
After living with diabetes for years, Erin Spineto was quickly losing her sanity. Buried beneath blood tests, injections and medical devices to hold on to her wits, she needed a change to take back her life. But how?

Erin loved sailing with every ounce of her being, but doctors told her years ago never to do it alone. It was far too dangerous. What if her blood sugars dropped while she was alone in the middle of the ocean far from help? What if seasickness caused her blood sugars to rise, slamming her into a diabetic coma and leaving her incapable of handling the boat?

…but it was a trip she had to make.

In Islands and Insulin, Erin sails a 22 foot sailboat down the Florida Keys as she fights winds, currents and swells that threaten to capsize the boat. Join her on her journey to accepting diabetes as she navigates those tumultuous early years of adulthood and learns how valuable real friendships are in the battle against a chronic disease.

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