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Okra Benefits For Diabetes

Okra Benefits For Diabetes
I’ve something very awesome to share today everyone!
And it’s about this amazing vegetable called Okra
Some years ago, my diabetic condition was quite bad
And my doctor suggested to me to drink the sap from the okra
I was a little skeptical
But then again I’m also all for natural remedies
So I thought ‘Why not? Give a try’
No harm right?
So I drank the okra juice for some months
And then did the usual lab test for diabetes
And WOW!
The results that came back were much better than I expected
This is the photo of the actual lab report
And as you can see I highlighted the column that shows my results
Before drinking the okra juice and after
Here’s a close up of the lab results
In 2013, my HBA1C was 9.7!
And that was way above 8.0 which was considered unacceptable
After drinking the okra juice for 8 months
I did the test again in March 2014
The HBA1C recorded at 5.8!
Which was the IDEAL range!
So what does all this mean?
In the same report, they explained that HBA1C of 5.8 was considered excellent
And this kind of level is equivalent to someone with no diabetes at all
I was ecstatic!
And since then I’ve been sharing this remedy with everyone I know
So here it is now
How to Make This Okra Drink?
Hi everyone!
The past few years I’ve talked about the okra drink that helps with diabetes
I personally use it
So today I’m going to show you how to make the drink
Here, we start with two okra
So what you do with the okra
What we’re going to do is
We’re going to cut off the tail
And cut off the head
And then slice it
I’m going to show you how it’s done now
First, take a knife
Take the two okra
And you cut off the tail
There you go
All right?
And then you cut off the head part
Put that aside
Then with each of these
You can either slice it
Some people like to slice it a little bit
But for me personally I just like to cut through
And then the other one cut it through
So what you do with the four slices
Is to put it into the cup
Like this
And then I fill the cup with water
Like this
So after you fill it with water
Then use a cup cover to cover it
And then leave it overnight
After leaving the okra in the cup overnight
Then what you do is you start to drain and strain the juice from the okra
That comes out as sticky fluid
Can you see it?
So what I do is squeeze it a little
To get the juice out
That’s where the goodness is
You must get the juice from the okra
I know it looks sticky and yucky
Some people have even said it looks like saliva
But trust me this is the good part
This is the part that will help you with your diabetes
And a lot of other ailments
The reason why this works
Is because of the enzymes from this herb
Is very helpful for our bodies
Helps to heal our bodies
There you see?
All the liquid
So once the drink is ready
As you can see
It’s bottoms up time
Some of the seeds
Thanks for watching
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