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Online Course To Learn How To Reverse Diabetes Naturally With The Ketogenic Diet

Online Course To Learn How To Reverse Diabetes Naturally With The Ketogenic Diet

Reverse Diabetes Naturally with the Ketogenic Diet
Your guide to balancing blood glucose & insulin through ‘Nutritional Ketosis’ & medicinal food!

This inspirational and revolutionary course is changing the way the world looks at diabetes! Deborah’s knowledge and skills in the execution of healthy nutritional ketosis is second to none. This course will empower your to take control of your own health. Take action and enroll today. You CAN greatly improve your quality of life living with diabetes!

If you suffer with any of the following then this course is designed especially for you….
Pre-diabetes or insulin resistance
Metabolic Syndrome
Type 1 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes

This program will inspire you to take control of your own health by showing you exactly how to naturally manage blood sugars, by teaching you how to induce nutritional ketosis through proper nutrition. This is a Paleo diet on steriods!

Nutritional ketosis is not only becoming a standard diet for the treatment of cancer but also in the treatment of diabetes.

Some of the benefits of a ketogenic diet may include:
Optimal energy levels
Sustained energy without highs and lows
Balanced blood glucose
Reduction in insulin for Type 1 Diabetics
Natural weight loss and reduction in body fat if desired
Mental clarity – patients describe this as the curtains opening whereby thinking becomes clearer
Increased memory – the ketogenic diet is also used in brain illness such a dementia, Parkinsons, epilepsy & Alzheimer’s
Quality sleep

Within this course you will be able to download a full manual with your dietary protocol, a full recipe book, watch dozens of high quality videos demonstrating recipes, and listen to audios that answer each of your questions as you are guided through the process of embracing a ketogenic lifestyle.

There is a healthy way of inducing ketosis and an unhealthy way. To succeed on a ketogenic diet long-term it’s imperative proper nutrition is optimized. Too often people lack minerals and alkalizing nutrients. This program clearly shows you how to maximize nutrition so you feel at your absolute best!

The Course information includes:
How to keep the body alkalized with ‘free’ alkalizing foods
Macronutrients ratios & measurements. i.e carbohydrate:fats:protein ratios for optimal nutritional ketosis
How to include mineral rich foods that keep you feeling energized
How to incorporate probiotic foods into your every day diet & why this is necessary for health & longevity
How to include nourishing and healing fats in the right balance so reduce inflammation and increase longevity
How to manage dining out and eating with friends
What beverages to drink, alcohol and non-alcoholic

Deborah herself has spent around 70% of the last decade in nutritional ketosis and has coached thousands of people through ketogenic diets over the past 2 decades. Her ketogenic programs include nutritional ketosis for optimal weight loss, athletic performance, cancer and now diabetes.

To Take The Course Please Visit: http://bit.ly/ReverseDiabetesWithKetogenic


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