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Oral Wellness Program | Complete Health Dentistry by Atlanta Dental Spa (Dr. Susan Estep)

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What is complete health dentistry? Complete health dentistry is the concept
that your mouth is the gateway to your total health. A lot of people
understand that if certain parts of their mouth aren’t healthy, it can
cause problems with your heart and things like that. The science has shown
over the last 5 to 10 years, that if your mouth is unhealthy, your whole
entire body can be at risk. An unhealthy mouth will put you at risk for
things like heart disease, heart attack, stroke, also diabetes, even

A group of dentist in the country have come together to accept the
challenge, if you will; that we might be able to not just drill and fill a
tooth, but be able to make an improvement in your life, as our patient. The
more we work toward this, the more we read the scientific papers, the more
we understand that helping you get your mouth healthy really has a positive
effect on your overall health.

We have patients everyday who are on blood pressure medication, cholesterol
medication, that are all these different drugs that have been thrown at
them because they’re a typical American walking down the street with
American diseases. The only thing they know to do about it is take another
drug and have to experience that drug’s side effects; the negative side
effects every day, day-in day-out, of their cocktail of drugs. The next
thing you know, they come to see us and we talk to them about how their
unhealthy mouth might be affecting the rest of their illness. They walk
with us. We lead them down a walk to achieve a healthy mouth. In doing so,
they come back to us 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months later and they say, “I went
to my doctor. My doctor wants to know what am I doing differently because
my blood pressure went down on its own. My cholesterol numbers went down,
and my doctor is now willing to start to lower my medication doses.”

Our goal in complete health dentistry is that we can partner with the
physicians and with the specialists, and share with the understanding that
we have, that we can create a healthy mouth for our patients. In doing so,
have a difference in their lives by making them healthy, live longer, and
live well.

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