HomeVideoOtoendoscopic Ear Cleaning : Otomycosis , Earwax , Otitis Externa in Diabetes

Otoendoscopic Ear Cleaning : Otomycosis , Earwax , Otitis Externa in Diabetes

This video show Oto-endoscopic otomycosis , earwax & Infected debris Removal by micro-suction in diabetic patient.
Old man presented with ear pain , blockage , Itching & hard of hearing since last 7 days .
He gives history of cold , cough , post nasal drip followed by ear itching & blockage . To relieve ear blockage he started using ear buds . Due to severe ear bud itching , ear canal become inflamed , swollen & infected .
Oto-endoscopic earwax , infected fungal & bacterial debris removal done by microsuction .

Irrigation done by diluted Betadin with normal saline .

Antibiotic , anti-Fungal , Anti-inflammatory eardrop is used after ear cleaning procedure .

He had very much relief after procedure .

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