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In this episode we reinforce the need to always have your diet and health journey monitored by a health professional. Set timelines to achieve the desired changes in your body. Dr Aquinin will teach you about the favorable outcomes associated with weight loss as they relate to Diabetic Risk, Cholesterol Control, Blood Pressure management amongst others. We celebrate the blessing of our contestants in regards to their excellent labs, and learn about optimal ways to keep them in range.
De suma importancia reconocer que esta jornada de salud debe de ser cuidadosamente monitoreada por un medico. Trazando puntos en los cuales vemos cambios en la sangre. Aprendemos sobre los cambios favorables que ocurren en relacion a la perdida de peso. Ronny Aquinin MD describe la importancia del Control de Colesterol, Riesgo de Diabetes, Control de Presion Sanguinea y mas! Celebramos los resultados de las pruebas con nuestros concursantes y los instruimos con consejos para mantenerse saludables.

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