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Pellet Stools and Constipation - Three Simple Ways to Get Rid of Hard Pellet Stools

As common as constipation is, going through a phase of pellet stools accompanied by gas can make one’s day uncommonly bad. Try as we might it takes us a while to wake up to the fact we have an ongoing problem with our bowel movements. At times, nothing seems to work.

A little bit of knowledge helps us understand what’s happening. One of the functions of the colon is to remove water from undigested remains of the food we eat. The colon pushes feces along by gentle muscle contractions called peristalsis. The actions we take to improve constipation, and rid ourselves of hard pellet stools, follow from these facts.

However once we have an idea we can go about and making adjustments to our lifestyle. All are very simple ones.


The best fluid of course is plain old water. A lot of drinks out there actually have diuretics such as caffeine. Tea and coffee in all of their forms promote the loss of water. Caffeine also gives the kick to those popular high energy drinks.

How much to drink? Of course, drink when you’re thirsty. To start off, drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.


Eating more fiber is the second step to getting rid of hard dry stools. There are two kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber takes on water to form a gel, softening feces. Insoluble fiber adds bulk. This bulk stimulates peristalsis.

Oatmeal, with its soluble fiber, lays a good nutritional foundation to the rest of your day and it helps with pellet like stools. Bran flakes, a readily available source of insoluble fiber, can be used as a topping for yogurt or fruits.


The contractions of muscles outside the colon also help in the propulsion and ultimate expulsion of bowel contents. Any type of exercise will do. The simplest exercise is walking. Other exercises which focus on the core muscles, surrounding the colon also work well.

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