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Penile Enlargement in Kuala Lumpur

Sexual organ is part of our biological make up yet is often a taboo to discuss about this topic openly among families and friends.

With growing sophistication and affluence, the demands from patient are getting bigger. Requests for this cosmetic enhancement is on the steady rise.

Typically, penile enlargement is sought after for micro-penis or small penis, which can be attributed to hormonal deficiency.

Having a small penis affect a person’s self esteem, making one insecure and also in some cases may cause marital breakdown due to unsatisfactory sexual relationship.

Awkwardness aside, patients are usually confronted with the dilemma of where to get help with this embarrassing condition? Who is the best doctor that one can trust for this sort of procedure?

Dr. Kee Yong Seng of Premier Clinic in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Bangsar Baru is one of only a handful of doctors who perform penis enlargement procedure with clinical precisions, making it a safe procedure with no long term side effects.

Penile enlargement is a delicate procedure. Body contouring filler made of hyaluronic acid is used to ensure long lasting results.

The penis enlargement procedure is minimally invasive, and does not cause major complications or side effects. It takes about half an hour to complete the whole procedure, and the patient can go on with their daily chores comfortably.

Dr. Kee usually starts by anaesthetising the patient to ensure they are comfortable with no pain throughout the procedure.

He will carefully identify the entry point for injections of filler in order to enhance the effect of length and girth of the penis.

The result is often instantaneous. In fact, our patient can see better results once the filler properly integrate with collagen tissue inside the penis.

Our client Mr A came for penile enlargement procedure purely for cosmetic purposes. He believes that having a bigger manhood could substantially boost his confidence with members of the opposite sex. 

It took Dr. Kee about 30 minutes to improve the length, as well as circumference or girth of the penis. 

Dr. Kee then advised the patient to refrain from intimacy for at least 1 week to see better result, which Patient A gladly complied.

A week later, Patient A called to thank Premier Clinic for the unbelievable result he never thought can be achieved! For more information on penis enlargement, please visit our website https://premier-clinic.com/truth-penis-enlargement/

For enquiries regarding penile enlargement, please call us at +60-12-662 5552 for FREE Consultation session booking with no obligations or email your queries to contactus@premier-clinic.com today.


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