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Perkeo 2011 time lapse with GoPro HD

“Perkeo” is the nick name of the dwarf Clemens Pankert who lived in the 18th century. He was responsible for the biggest cask in the world with 219,000 litres of wine (still exists today) and had to drink 20+ litres of wine every day due to it’s Insipidus Diabetes illness. Each time someone asked him if he would have another glass of wine he replied “why not?”, which in Italian is “perchè no?”, thus his nickname.

Every year we celebrate the return of Perkeo to it’s birthplace Salorno (South Tyrol, North Italy) with a big crazy carnival parade.


This video shows a time lapse of about 4,5 hours from one of the 20+ carts during the parade.

Shot with a GoPro HD. I was really surprised about the excellent image quality despite the problematic, quickly changing light. Unfortunately the online video encoding degraded the video quality significantly.

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