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Personalizing Diabetes: Patient Specific Protocols for Metabolic Conditions

Diabetes now affects close to 10% of the U.S. population and another 25% are considered prediabetic. Current conventional strategies have proven ineffective in subsiding the great detrimental consequences caused by metabolic syndrome which include cardiovascular dysfunction, nervous system disease, kidney disease, and cancer. This special presentation, entitled “Personalizing Diabetes: Patient Specific Protocols for Metabolic Disorders” will explore the scientific approaches used by leading medical experts in personalizing patient protocols that have yielded remarkable results in diabetic patients. Gain a deep understanding of how the various underlying factors (including toxicity, infectious pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, gut microbiology, sensitivities and allergies, foci, energetic disruptions, and environmental stressors) and learn how a comprehensive, specific and tailored program of treatment is our best weapon in defeating this life-threatening and debilitating 21st century disease.

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