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Physiotherapy done on traditional ways. 100% recovery

I been thru few broken bones on the ankle and done the traditional way too. Immediate effect as the doctor want to implant a metal because the main bones is out from the alighment but i told the doctor i need to settle a few things and give me 2 days before you done the operation and so they cast me with a fiberglass and not a normal cement casting anymore. The next day i gone to Rompin in Pahang to see the specialist in broken bones that my best friend introduce. I reached @ 2am and i’m the last 2 patient. I was surprise to see hundred of cement casting at his home from leg,hand and few that i never seen before. So the last one is me and they knew that i’m a Singaporean and wanted to see how i react. The traditional doctor say ohh no it not broken. I wonder than what do i see on the x-ray showing broken bones and broken chips on the ankle side. So he told me one thing do you believe in god. As what people say in God we trust. So he touched my toe a few minutes @ less than 5min and ask me to stand up as my brother just help me to stand me up. And now start walking without using the crutches. In my heart what??? But as in God i trust i start walking afraid that i will fall off but to my surprise i walk as a normal person. And so he ask his son to take the metal grinder to cut the fiberglass casting. As over in Malaysia they still used cement. The next 2 weeks i gone to work again as a despatch rider. Everyone was surprise to see me back. But after 2 week i had more broken bones because my front brake caliper jam at 80km/h when i tap the front brake to filter to the centre lane. I was flung to the 1st lane barrier hit the railing but my shoulder hit the road first causing 3 broken bones and the arm rotator. So the doctor wanted to implant a wire on my right arm. I say no again and gone to see the specialist again going there walking like a zombie where the pain is unbearable. This time he told me to take a good 2mths rest as it’s not 1 but 3 broken coller bones. The next few day i was driving and in a month i forget @ the broken coller bone on my right shoulder. That was the festive season when i play the firework forgetting totally @my right arm. That was thing happen when i try to throw the marble boom which is small but deadly when i see the fuse is near to explosion as hard as i could on my right arm. The effect loosen the coller bone that @ to heal. I came back to Spore when i found out that after 2 weeks a stroke had hit me. Going back to Rompin is quite a long journey coz i can’t even drive. So i knew this massager from my brother in law and i was lucky someone cancel that i had a slot to attend. That’s is why i know how painful the PLIER is. Speechless unbearable i could not shout but cry. So that my stories. For this patient it takes another 2 more times cause of the diabetes he had. So thank you for reading my blog.


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