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Plano TX Blood Sugar Help: Is Type 2 Diabetes Hereditary?

http://www.PlanoDiabetesHelp.com – Plano TX Blood Sugar Help – Blood Sugar Help in Plano TX – (972) 881-4343 – In this video Dr. Laura Shwaluk B.Sc, DC, D.PSc answers, is type 2 diabetes hereditary…?
If you live in the Plano Texas metro area and are looking for help with diabetes or blood sugar issues, Dr. Shwaluk may be able to help you. Dr. Shwaluk specializes in helping people with unresolved blood sugar and diabetes issues. Dr. Shwaluk works with patients of all ages around Plano and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Visit Dr. Shwaluk’s website (listed above) for more info about how she works with her patients or contact her Plano diabetes clinic today by calling (972) 881-4343

Dr. Laura Shwaluk B.Sc, DC, D.PSc is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association at www.pmai.us to provide leading edge natural health solutions to qualifying individuals. This information is directed to the person interested in receiving such natural services and these services should not be confused with conventional services we may provide under state license.

Important note: Do not discontinue any medication without consulting with your prescribing physician.


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