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Hi my name is Dr. Smith Population health is about to change everything. Historically, we in healthcare have been very focused on the moment – and providing the best care to the patient who is in front of us at the moment. When a patient comes in, we want to provide that patient the best care possible, and we’ve done a really great job of that for many years.

Population health has pushed us to say it’s not just about the patient in front of you, but also about that patient who hasn’t been in the office in a while but you know is still your patient, you’re responsible for their care as well. Meet Adam; so for Adam who hasn’t seen you in more than a year who needs to have his hemoglobin A1C checked – he’s considered uncontrolled. I ‘m not sure if Adam went to see a different physician or not.

That young woman “Dona” who needs to have a pap and pelvic done who’s 36 years old and hasn’t been here in 2 years; I’m accountable for her. Dona is a part of my panel. So I’m not just responsible for providing great care to whoever walks in the door, but also for the care that’s not getting done in my population. That’s become a game changer, because suddenly it’s not just about Adam or Dona when they come in to my office, but also about engaging those who haven’t been seen lately and getting them in, so that we can make sure they’re getting the care they need in order to prevent many of these chronic conditions down the road. With Microwize powered by Greenway Community, we can get the help we need.

75% of the healthcare spent in the US is on patients with chronic conditions: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung Disease, etc… A majority of these patients will end up in hospitals. However, if these patients can be treated proactively in the ambulatory setting, it will:

Drive more revenue into my practice
Allow us to provide better, more proactive care
Lower the overall cost of healthcare for everyone
It’s a win-win; this is good for me as a physician and great for my patients. It doesn’t matter where the patient gets his or her treatment because Greenway Community is able to give me viability across my database, the payers’, or the Health Information Exchange (H.I.E.). I don’t need to be owned by a hospital or be part of a large group to be in the know.

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