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Portion Sizes and Diabetes

As far as quick weight loss is concerned, everyone has been raving about portion control. It seems like portion control is the answer to all of our weight loss needs. However, what about those of us who suffer from diabetes; is portion control an important factor in weight loss and in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels? The answer is yes. Serving sizes may even be more important for those of us who suffer from diabetes.

It is a well known fact that excess calories result in excess body fat and unhealthy weight. However, in people with type 2 diabetes excess body weight can be much more critical. Being overweight or obese means less sensitivity to insulin. That is why weight loss and portion control are very important for people who are overweight and diabetic. Taking the proper weight loss measures can help improve blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease (which is much more common in diabetics). So if you feel like your weight is a further threat to your diabetes you should ask your doctor to help you create a meal plan with an adequate calorie intake and proper serving sizes.

A few helpful tips include not skipping any meals, eating at the same time every day, and specifically for women with gestational diabetes it is important to eat multiple meals and snacks per day. It is often difficult to approach weight loss when you suffer from diabetes. The absolute best thing is to speak with your doctor. Your doctor can help you assess your weight goals and create the perfect meal plan. Once you have spoken with your doctor everything else will fall into place. You will know how often you have to eat and what portion sizes you should be consuming.

Source by Lauren B. Wallace

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