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Pranic Healing Living - Arhatic Sexual Alchemy

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A quick introduction to Sexual Alchemy. If you are looking for deeper levels of love, intimacy and sex with your partner or how to transmute your sexual energies for greater health, love, and creatiivity this is your class. Simple no-touch techniques once never shared with the public.

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Christian R Long Pranic Healer
Denver’s # 1 Energy Healer
Reducing Stress and Removing Blind Spots through Pranic Healing Since 2004.

7397 W Kentucky DRIVE Suite D Lakewood, CO 80226


After readings 100’s of books, attending dozens of seminars, investing over 2500 hours in meditation and healing retreats, training with the top energy healers in the world, traveling globally and spending over $40,000 in personal and spiritual development, Christian R Long has accepted the calling to heal the world one person at a time. Prior to that Christian was a real estate investor and worked in the Trump Tower at 40 Wall Street.


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