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Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes E-Book

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This book provides a unique and comprehensive synopsis of the prevention and early diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. It features articles by key opinion leaders in diabetes from North America, Europe and the Asia-pacific region who describe the gravity of the problem and the important issue of screening, including contributions on the perspectives of the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization. Once patients at risk have been identified, the key issue is to prevent their progression to full-blown diabetes. Several chapters address this, particularly the difficult task of changing peoples behaviour. Prevention of the complications associated with diabetes involves more targeted interventions, which are discussed by experts in the relevant areas. This book offers both a global perspective and local solutions. Key contributors include Paul Zimmet and Pierre Lefèbvre, President of the International Diabetes Federation who has written a chapter and a foreword. Praise from the reviews: [a]n excellent resource for professionals who want a good means for getting up to speed on the prevention angle. It is all-inclusive from many perspectives authorship of chapters, rich reference lists, and content (). This book is a one-stop source for understanding the state of current prevention knowledge about type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics “this is a timely and helpful treatment of an important public health topic. I am unaware of any other contemporary books which address exactly this issue.” Doody’s Health Services “an ambitious title, written by some of the worlds leading diabetologists, it takes a very careful approach ( )” Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews (per)


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